Bronson Methodist Hospital

        Just a note to thank you for an excellent cost-effective solution to a common problem. The Hydro Life Filtration system has met and exceeded all expectations.

       We have an ultrasonic washer for endoscopy scopes and had a tremendous problem with lime adhering to them. We were sending out two scopes for service per week at a cost of $4,000 each. Because of space constraints, a softener was not an option. I had a Hydro Life System to test on an ice machine so out of frustration and since we already had the system here, we removed a Cuno system from the ultrasonic washer and installed the Hydro Life System. The results were immediate and significant. We have not had to send out a scope for de-liming since the Hydro Life System has been in place. In the 4 months it has been in service, it has saved the hospital $64,000 on service work related to lime/scale.
       Also, the ice machine that was used to originally test the filter has gone 6 months with just 2 pre-filters on the original Hydro Life cartridges. The previous filter system needed changing twice a week at $24.00/change - a savings of $603.00 in 6 months. It has also eliminated the need for acid bathing bi-monthly just to keep the unit running.
       An appreciative thank you to all the people at Hydro Life! You've all done your homework and this product is a winner.

Jim M.
AC & R Tech II Facilities Services


U.S. Naval Hospital


       The Hydrolife filters you have provided us with work exceptionally well and are the best filters we have ever used. Not only have they exceeded my expectations but they have completely removed the scale and lime from all of our machines that we installed them on. Water in our ice, coffee, and juice machines is crystal clear and odor free. Not only that but as we forgot to change 2 of them we found that the life expectancy is a year and maybe more. We hope to install the larger units in our dishwashing machines and eliminate the need for adding descaler and water softeners at a tremendous cost savings to u. Thank you for providing us with a fabulous product and look forward to continued association with you in the future.

Frank M.B.
Hospital Maintenance


Memorial Hospital of South Bend


       We have an ice machine in our Open Heart/Recovery Unit that was producing “green” ice due to bacteria build-up in the water lines. We have tried other water filtration systems but the situation remained unchanged. We are finally forced to shut the machine down and carry the ice in from other areas of the hospital.
       We then had a Hydro Life Water Filtration System installed and the bacteria was cleaned up immediately! We are so pleased with the results of the Hydro Life Water Filter, we are recommending it to others.
       Thank you for providing us with a water filtrations system, that really works! We look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Fred K.
Memorial Hospital Plant Engineer


Taco Bell – R & R Refrigeration 

       Our company currently does maintenance on 12 different Bunn hot water dispensers at the various Taco Bell stores in southwestern Michigan. A Hydro Life filtration system was installed on the Bunn hot water dispense at the Taco Bell on South Westnedge in Kalamazoo, Michigan about 15 months ago. The filtration system has prevented the lime/scale build-up that used to occur. The only maintenance that has been done on the filtration system is the changing of the cartridge every 6 months. Based on the results we have seen at the Kalamazoo store, we would recommend the Hydro Life filtrations systems to all other Taco Bell locations.

Thank you,
Michael P.
Service Technician


Canteen of New Mexico


       The water filters we have tried both the cold cup and coffee filters and they have performed as advertised. We have had less water related problems on the machines they were installed on. The valves have been cleaner with less hard water deposits on all the parts. In fact we very seldom get a call on the coffee machines any more.

Very pleased,
Joseph P.K.
Maintenance Manager


Parks Maintenance Inc. – Beverage & Ice Equipment


       I would like to thank you for introducing us to the Hydro Life water filtration systems.
Being a Cornelius distributor we had used Everpure systems for years with what we thought were good results.
When we began installing the Hydro Life systems we soon learned what lime/scale reduction really was and how much difference truly good tasting water can make in fountain pop, coffee and the food served in our customer’s restaurants.
Our customers are pleased and therefore so are we. Thank you again for helping us find another way to serve our customers better.

David S.
Sales Manager



Crane National Vendors


       I would like to make you aware of a field test performed by Crane National Vendors employing the standard water filter used by National Vendors and the Hydro Life Water Filters. This test was performed on two Hot Drink Centers (Serial #627019985) Hydro Life Filter and Hot Drink Center (Serial #627019970) standard water filter.
       In an effort to control the environment of the test the above mentioned machines were selected because they were installed by the same customer in the same location, had approximately the same usage, and were of the same approximate vintage. The following steps were performed on these machines prior to the start of the test. All water valves were replaced with new 6238170 water valves, the valves were marked as to the location within the machine and the machine in which they were installed. New water filters were installed, serial #627019970 received a new standard water filter, and serial #627019970 received a new Hydro Life Filter and head assembly.
       At the end of the test (April 28, 1996) the water valves were removed and submitted to the engineering division of Crane National Vendors for tear down analysis. The valves that were submitted from serial #627019985 displayed a dramatic reduction of lime build up both on the valve seat and the in valve passageways. Estimates of the reduction of lime scale were in the area of a 75% reduction as compared to the standard water filtering process. The above stated reduction in the lime scale was calculated by a precise weight comparison between valves prior to disassembly for inspection, and comparison of the weight to a new unused valve. I would also add, that the customer where the test was performed, requested that we not remove the Hydro Life Filter from the test machine.
       Crane National Vendors is not in the process of qualifying the Hydro Life Filter as an option on all N.V. equipment requiring a water filter.

Geral B.M.
Customer Service Supervisor




       As discussed a week or so ago, the 300-G sample filter you sent me was installed on our ice maker at a location in Commerce City Colorado. Prior to installation the chunk let ice produced was extremely soft and broke down in the storage bin quickly. I can't explain it but after installing your filter the ice quality improved and we have not had a complaint since July. I'm up against a similar situation near the Dulles Airport in Virginia and I'm hoping your filter will have the same results. Could you please forward me another 300-G I will let you know the results upon installation.
       Thanks in advance for the assistance!!!!

Rick J.
National Service Manager


Anthony Wayne Vending


       Just a note to say thank you for a job well done.
       We are very happy with the Hydro Life water filters we bought from you. The filters have done everything you said they would do and more.
       Since we installed the Hydro Life water filters our equipment requires less labor and time to maintain and helps us provide a better product to our vending customer.
       Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Best Regards,
Billy Y.

Parks Maintenance, Inc.


        The filters you have provided us with work exceptionally well and are the best filters we have ever used. Not only have they exceeded our expectations but they have completely removed the scale and lime from all of our machines that we installed them on. Water in our ice, coffee and juice machines is crystal clear and odor free.

         Our customers are pleased with the results and therefore so are we. Thank you for helping us serve our customers better. We will continue to recommend HydroLife/Camco filtration systems to our customers.  
Thank you,  Kim - Parts Dept. Mgr. Parks Maintenance, Inc.

Wholesale Restaurant Supply

          I would like to thank you for your products. Wholesale Restaurant Supply is a local provider of restaurant equipment and supplies. Ice machine leasing is one of the services we offer to our local market. The City of Houston operates on a surface water system, this allows for many impurities. We had constant issues with ice machines becoming non-operable due to calcium scale. we had tried many filter systems during our twenty-seven years in business. Compared to Hydrolife M#HLC3000, none have reduced the slime and calcium in our lease machines as well. The system is simple to install, easy to service and economical. I enjoy the opportunity to install your cartridges in almost any existing system, with the high flow rate system, we are now able to use Hydrolife with any machine specifications. We now exclusively provide Hydrolife filters with every Machine.

Thank you for providing a product that is a win-win for us and our customers.

Thank You,

Gene F.